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Bereavement Ministry

Bible Study

Bible Study is an organized weekly study of various Bible lessons. Held each week on Wednesdays (11:00 am and 6:00 pm), Bible Study offers members and the community the opportunity to learn how to study the Bible, what it says to the Christian and church, and how to relate it to everyday living. The Wednesday morning session reviews the Sunday School lessons for the upcoming Sunday.


The Brotherhood Ministry is a structured Bible-based study that attends to the holistic development of the men in the body of Christ. Men are encouraged and strengthened through songs, prayers, testimonies and studying God's Word. This ministry focuses on the needs and issues that men face in today's world.

Photos: 2008 Men's Conference


Counseling Ministry

The Counseling Ministry assists the Pastor and Deacons in ministering effectively to the congregation with compassion and mercy, holding all information in strict confidence.

Children / Youth Ministry

The youth/children's ministry is committed to the reality that young people are an important and integral part of our church community. The youth/children's program seeks to foster maturation in faith of the youth of our church. We seek to affirm the gifts of our youth/children and help foster opportunities for these young people to share their gifts with the larger community. The spiritual and social needs of our youth are to be met with the committed leadership, guidance and support of our adults, thereby providing an opportunity for the youth and adults to grow together in Christian faith. Through a variety of programs, such as Youth Choir, Good News and Youth Council Bible studies, dance, youth activities, events, and outreach, we seek to draw young people into responsible participation in the life, work and mission of the church community.

Church Event Coordinator

Church Planning Committee

The Church Planning Committee is comprised of the presidents and chairpersons of all ministries. This body is responsible for assisting in the planning of programs, activities and specials projects for the church and ministries.

Christian Development Ministry

The Christian Development Ministry seeks to provide basic biblical teaching and instruction that will help the members to grow in their faith and to walk closer with God. This class is held during the Sunday School hour and is structured so that students are easily placed into the Sunday School setting following completion.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry is the teaching and training arm of the church. This ministry under girds and supports other ministries of the church to ensure that the educational goals and objectives of the church are met. The Christian Education Ministry is designed to help church members grow and mature into a committed, fruitful life of discipleship.


The Deaconess Ministry assists the Pastor and Deacons in visiting the sick, the needy and distressed members and assist in the preparation of the observances of the ordinances of the church.

Evangelism Ministry

Golden Ages

The Golden Ages Ministry provides a program that continuously honors and shows appreciation to the Seniors of our church, age 65 years and older, in a manner that is consistent with God's Word, and provides a program of services and activities in a warm and friendly environment for Seniors where they will thrive in physical activity, mental alertness and independence.


Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Ministry provides services (welcomes, greet visitors and make announcements to the church membership, visitors and support of all ministries. This ministry also recognizes monthly birthdays of church members and aid whenever requested to bring a welcome message at various programs and events.

Intercessors Ministry

The Intercessors Ministry has been ordained by God to serve those in need of prayer and spiritual support. Prayerfully, the intercessors serve as advocates for God's people and stand in the gap for the Pastor, the church and the community.


Liturgical Dance Ministry

The Liturgical Dance Ministry is designed to praise and worship God through dance.

Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministries instruct and emphasize the importance of Missions on the local, state, national and foreign levels. Provide prayer support, funding through sacrificial giving, training and resource materials to local church in order to evangelize the lost and keep congregation abreast of developments in the missions arena.

Music and Worship Ministry

The Music and Worship Ministry focuses on music as a form of communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to worshippers as it seeks to usher all into the presence of the Lord. The Music and Worship Ministry encourages a vital and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and thereby is based totally on the Word of God.

The Senior Choir expresses worship in music through written songs of praise or thanksgiving from the standard hymnal sheet music.

The Spiritual Choir expresses worship in music through religious folk songs handed down through years of Black American struggles in their trials and tribulation experiences.

The Inspirational Choir and Male Chorus express worship in music through a wide range of music, from their associations with evangelism to simple folk melodies to contemporary expressions, blended with the rhythmic and melodic elements, which are accompanied by guitar, drum, piano, and organ instruments, to inspire one's soul.

The Youth Choir is the church's future and their songs are a collective mixture of all expressions of music and worship in song.

The Praise and Worship Ministry expresses worship in music through melodies which invite participation and set the atmosphere for worship.


New Membership Ministry

The New Members Ministry welcomes new members by helping them feel at home, registering and providing helpful information and encouraging new members to participate in church ministries.

Nursing Home Ministry

The Nursing Home Ministry seeks to bless, encourage and service those who are confined a nursing care facility through planned visitations which include preaching, praying, teaching, singing and other activities and gifts of love.

Nurses Ministry

The Nurses Ministry, known as Angels of Mercy, assists in meeting the medical, physical and spiritual needs of God's people during worship services. This ministry supplies the Pastor and pulpit with proper refreshments and other care as required.


Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry is designed to assist in providing for the welfare of the community by obtaining goods and services to the needy.

Publicity Ministry

The Publicity Ministry seeks to communicate with the MSMBC ministries, members, prospects and surrounding community through various media channels. It provides technical assistance in preparing specialized programs for ministries of the church and ensures that church related activities are reported in the local news media as well as TV.

Security Ministry

The Security Ministry is responsible for the overall security and safety of the church facilities and persons on site. This ministry is responsible for unlocking and locking church facilities upon request by members and providing security personnel on site as needed.

Sisters in Christ

The Sisters in Christ Ministry is an organized Bible-based ministry which seeks to unite and bond women ages 18 and older. The studies focus on God's will for women as well as the many roles, aspects and callings of Godly women. This ministry focuses on the needs and issues that affect women in today's society and church.

Photos:   2008 Women's Conference


Sunday School

The Sunday School is the foundational strategy for reaching, leading, teaching, growing and maturing people in the faith. It carries out the Great Commission through organized and systematic Bible lessons that will engage people in evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry and worship.

Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry oversees the safe transporting of persons to and from church-related and church-sponsored events. This ministry is devoted to the safety of all passengers and ensures that drivers are properly selected and trained and that vehicles are maintained.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry is responsible for directing and ushering people into the sanctuary at all worship services, seating them as comfortably as possible and providing those items necessary for worship as required (programs, fans, envelopes, etc.). In conjunction with the Nurses and Hospitality Ministries, members of this ministry also give help and aid to those attending worship services. This ministry consists of seniors and youth.

Video Ministry

The Video Ministry is committed to capturing worship services, moments of inspiration, thus making it possible to experience momentous occasions. This ministry services the church through audio and visual recordings.